Save Time/Money

Car cleaning and detailing can get expensive and time consuming so with products that are stronger and more durable, you get more bang for your buck.

Reduce Maintenance

With long-lasting auto detailiing chemicals comes less effort on your part.

Increase Durability

Polycharger® forces cross-linking to begin immediately in the liquid state where most waxes, quick detailers and protectants simply fail.

Longest Lasting Protection

Stay protected. Save time and money. Long lasting results in less then 5 minutes per surface per application.

Enhance Shine

Supercharges waxes, coating, sealants, protectants, detailers and waterless wash to last 4-6 times longer.

Improve Wax Protection

Polycharger® Patented formula creates a protective barrier at the nano-molecular level that can last for a season.

Limited Reapplication

Our strong and durable car wash chemicals deeply clean and protect your surfaces so you don’t have to maintain.

Renew Rough/Dull Paint

Polycharger® not only cleans and protects but also restores surfaces that have been neglected.

Brands Trusted By Polycharger

Where do waxes fail?

Most waxes and sealants fail to cross-link molecules when applied to the surface of a vehicle meaning that they will easily wash off with light rain or washing. Consumers will often compensate by for this by simply adding more wax, sealant or protective, which is simply a waste of products.

What is Boosted by Polycharger?

Polycharger is a polymer booster and accelerant in one.. This auto detailing chemical booster component adds two bonding polymers designed for high temperature, high corrosive environments.

Polymers are long molecules capable of interlinking to form a mesh of molecule strands. This interlocking capability, called cross-linking, is what gives polymers their terrific strength.

When introduced to oxygen, the Polycharger accelerant hyper-activates polymers in their liquid state, forcing cross-linking to begin immediately.


The Professional Strength Car Chemical Additive for Waxes. Coating, Sealants, Protectants, Quick Detailers and Waterless Washes

  • Imagine only having to wax twice a year instead of 4-5 times a year. That’s the benefit of Polycharger. Add Polycharger auto detailing chemicals to any formula.
  • Create a protective coating that’s extremely tolerant to heat, ocean water, chemicals and UV rays.
  • Add years to the life of surfaces
    • Vehicles
    • RVs
    • Watercrafts
    • Motorcycles
    • Bathroom
    • Furniture
  • Cut your surface care effort in half!
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