How It Works
How does Polycharger improve your products?

Polycharger increases the life span of your surface cleaning products. Where some additives just clean, Polycharger also protects by creating a hydrophobic barrier which results in water beading on your surfaces. This barrier means long-lasting shine so there’s less maintenance on the user’s end.

Where do other additives fail?

Other additives fail to cross-link molecules when applied to the surface of a vehicle meaning that they will easily wash off with light rain or washing. Consumers will often compensate by for this by simply adding more wax, sealant or protective, which is simply a waste of products.

What does this mean for the consumer?

Everybody knows replacing your paint is costly and engine repair or replacement is even more expensive. Stronger surface protection means saving time and money.

What is an additive?

In car, bike, and home care cleaning chemicals, an additive is an added booster that enhances the overall quality of the original formula. This can create additional characteristics to the product as well as counteract undesirable properties.

How does Polycharger work?

Polycharger is a polymer booster and accelerant in one. The booster component adds two bonding polymers designed for high temperature, high corrosive environments. When introduced to oxygen, the Polycharger accelerant hyper-activates polymers in their liquid state, forcing cross-linking to begin immediately.

Why does wax need Polycharger?

All modern car waxes and professional car detailing chemicals, including paint sealants and protective paint polishes, use polymer technology for better shine and protection. Even so-called pure Carnauba waxes contain polymers. Unfortunately, the polymers used in consumer car waxes never get to do their full job. That’s because most waxes fail in the transition from a liquid to a dry film. Unfortunately, most waxes fail to cross-link when applied to the surface.

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